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Product - Cracklins & Claxton Fruit Cake

Claxton Fruit Cake (Regular)

Claxton 'Regular'
Fruit Cake -->

We offer this Product All Year Round

Remember, this Old Southern Recipe goes all the way back to 1910.

Claxton Fruit Cake is a special treat for any occasion. (smile & enjoy)

Two - 1 lb Boxes of Fruit Cake


Dated back to


Traditional Cracklins

Cracklins are consumed by diverse consumer groups

Traditional cracklins are a continuation of our farming heritage.

In the early 1900's, farmers would make cracklins for a family treat to snack on during the cold winter.

It was only natural, for this time honored tradition, to be passed on to future generations by making this crisp smoked pork snack available to everyone under the "Grandpa John's ®" label.

Traditional cracklins are not only eaten as snacks, but are also used in cooking and baking. (Who could forget that good old cracklin cornbread?)

Traditional Hot
  • No artificial flavors preservatives
  • Cracklin are 2 percent protein
  • 70 calories
  • 7 grams of protein
  • 4.5 grams of fat

Tender Cracklins



Many people are familiar with the traditional cracklins that were once made on the farm.

Tender cracklins are the newer crunchier version of that same old tasty product that Grandpa use to snack on.

Tender cracklins have a golden brown color and a savory pork taste that appeals to the bacon lover. They are easy to chew and satisfy the need for crunch!

Tender cracklins are available plain or with hot seasoning.

Our in-house tender cracklin brands are "Grandpa John's ®" with southern flavor.

Tender HOT

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