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  What are cracklins? Cracklins

     Cracklins are snacks made similarly to pork rinds. They are used for special parties and celebrations with your favorite dip or sauce. Cracklins are made from fresh pork skins, cut and cooked to a golden crisp. They are usually plain or hot in two styles(Traditional or Tenders). This is a southern tradition for people 40 plus, but the young folk are getting on board with this new trend.

  What is a Claxton Friut Cake? Fruit Cake

     It is a blend of nature's finest fruits and nuts that are available. This fruit cake features golden raisins and imitation rum flavoring. This is a taste to die for at anytime of the year.

  What kind of guarantee / return policy do you have?

     Damaged and expired products should be sent back for replacement. Contact us via email or telephone.

  What items do you sell?

     We currently offer a total of 5 items:

  • Crackilins (4):  Traditional Plain, Traditional HOT, Tender Plain, and Tender HOT.
  • Fruit Cake (1): Traditional / Regular.

  What are your prices?

  • Crackilins:  $15.00 a case.  Case Count: 12 bags per case.
  • Fruit Cake: $15.95              This includes:  2 (Two) - 1 lb cakes per order - Total of 2 lb's of Fruit Cake.

  What is the maximum number of cases / items I can order?

     There is no maximum. If you are ordering over 5 cases / items, please contact us via email or phone before placing your order.

  What is your delivery time?

  • UPS ground delivery: 5-10 business days, after the payment is processed
  • Any orders over 5 cases will be processed and shipped within 2 weeks, after the payment is processed

  Since we are buying below wholesale, can we sell to retail stores?

     Yes, we normally allow 20 to 40 percent markup for the retailer. In most cases this is determine by your location and customers.

  Who will be my customer?

     Anyone is welcome to use our products. We have found out that it does not matter who you are. We all share in a great tasting product, and that is what we offer at Black America Foods.

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